These raw brownies are perfectly gooey and indulgent. They take hardly any time at all to make, and contain such simple ingredients! The hazelnuts, like most other nuts are rich in protein and essential fatty acids, and they give the brownie a ‘Nutella’ flavour. The soft medjool dates in this recipe make the brownies perfectly sweet and gooey. Raw cacao powder is known as a ‘superfood’ since it is very rich in antioxidants.

Before I cut out wheat, dairy and refined sugar from my diet last year- chocolate brownies were always my go-to afternoon snack when I was out. When I had to cut these ingredients out, I thought I would never be able to have brownies again, and didn’t think you could make a healthy brownie! But then I discovered how to make raw brownies, and I really think that these are better than so many other brownies I had had before.

It is not often you eat something tasting this delicious that can also offer so many nutritional benefits. You are going to love this!