I have always been a carrot cake person. I absolutely love a moist cake rather than a dry crumbly one, and carrot cake has to be one of the gooeyest varieties. Traditionally, it it is the large amounts of butter mixed with the carrot that provides the moisture in a carrot cake, but since I can’t eat dairy, I had to find other ways to achieve this. I am so happy to share this healthy dessert recipe with you now. After experimenting a few times with carrot cake, I think it is now totally perfect and so so simple.

This cake is the ideal level of moist due to the finely ground almonds and carrot, which, paired with all the spices, currants and orange zest is just a dream! It’s perfect for a celebration cake or a bit of weekend baking (or even for breakfast the next morning! – It’s just too good).

In the photos here, you can see that I have put coconut yoghurt in between the two layers and on top of the cake. I have been experimenting with my own coconut yoghurt, and although it tasted amazing on this cake, I am not yet fully happy with it. So… I suggest until I release my perfected recipe for that, you should use another type of coconut yoghurt. I often have Coyo as it is 100% natural, but you can use whichever you like to ice this cake.

I am so excited for you all to try this recipe. I hope I have shown here that to make an amazingly indulgent, scrummy cake you don’t need all the traditional baking ingredients, but instead can use ingredients which offer lots of nutritional value.

When you post your photos of the cake, please use the #Liviaskitchen so that I can see all of your creations! xxx